Fed up with viagra offers? Spamshagger lets you target the websites behind the scams & it's free.

Used responsibly, the SpamShagger's effectiveness relies upon being used on a target website by many users totally individually and quickly as soon as a spam arrives.

If enough users (several hundred) 'express interest' at the same target sites then those sites are brought down, even though each user's individual load is small.

Additionally, the load from any one user is so small that it is only the 'democratic weight' of many users on the same site that makes it effective.

Hopefully the people using SpamShagger will be spread worldwide, so the load on any particular ISP will be low. Anyway, as spam amounts to over 85% of internet traffic, things will be faster without it.

Spamshagger works in much the same way as entering a URL and pressing F5 (reload) repeatedly in your browser. No fancy tricks.


Enter the site URL in one of the fields: eg: non-complete URL's will report errors.

  • White fields - doing nothing
  • Green fields - awaiting a response from the target
  • Red fields - error (timed out etc.) - server may be down